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Church History


According to a copy of the Middle District Baptist Association publication, Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church was founded in 1875 by the late John Mitchell.  The first pastor was Reverend George Roe and some of the charter members were: Charlie James, Samuel Huffie, Hatch Faison, Joe Herring, Alice Hansley, Lannie Mitchell and Sarah Mitchell.  Before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed Snow’s Cut in 1930, connecting the Intracoastal Waterway to the Cape Fear River, or before any other churches were formed on the island of Carolina Beach, the only church bells that rang in the Federal Point Community, were from Mt. Pilgrim.  It’s a small charming church with beautiful, stained glass windows built between 1902 and 1915 by a Mr. Turner for $1.00 per day.  Over the years, because of road construction and other development in the area, the structure was relocated on land donated by the descendants of Robert Bruce Freeman, Sr. specifically, his son Archie, in November 1921.


Although many faithful and steadfast members have come and gone home to be with the Lord, it is evident that Mt. Pilgrim established the spiritual beginnings of the churches in the Seabreeze community.  We are ALL connected not just by blood, but also spiritually.  Today, as we reflect on our beginnings, the seed of spiritual understanding was planted by our ancestors who ventured to this church.  For more than a century now, Mt. Pilgrim has been a pillar of faith and strength in its works for Almighty God, with service and dedication to the families of the Seabreeze community and surrounding area.  One thing still remains true today:  Mt. Pilgrim is a church family of faithful believers who give thanks to God Almighty for this day.


Known Past Officers:


Pastors (former)

Rev. George Roe – 1876

Rev  Rev. Mills (also pastor at 1st Baptist Church) – 1940

Rev. Peter Dickerson

Rev. Stokes

Rev. Fred Moore and Rev. Saul Dinkins, Assistant Pastor

Rev. William Boney

Rev. Pettiford

Rev. J. T. Robinson

Rev. Johnnie C. Pridgen – 1977-1993

Rev. Joseph Ballard – 1993-2003

  & Rev. George Halyard, Associate 1995-2007

Rev. Ronald Henry – 2003-2005

Rev. Robert Jacobs (Pastor Elect) 2005-2006

Rev. Corey Weaver (Pastor Elect) 2006-2009

Bishop James R Malloy - 2009-2019


Deacons (former)

Alfonza Freeman, Chairman

Roscoe Freeman, Chairman

William (Billy) Freeman

Joseph Farrow, Chairman

Bruce Freeman

George Hill

Al Holmes

Joe McQuillan

Bernard Stevens, Jr.

Howard Wade


Trustees (former)

James Blackmon

Deloris (Nank) Farrow

Donald Farrow

Grant Farrow

Ronald Lockwood

Thomas Robinson, Sr.

Benjamin (Bennie) Ross

James Ross

Doland Trottie

Adolph Wade


Writing history is no easy task and it takes a lot of time, research and input from many people to restore our heritage.  This known historical document is a culmination of a few resources, but we are eager to acquire more information to make the story of out past more complete.


Compiled and Written by: Sis. Ann Freeman, Sis. Ruby Freeman, and Sis. Deidre McGlone-Webb. Other source contributors: Sis. Charlotte Atwood, Bro. Bill Freeman, and Ms. Jenny Edwards.


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